I would like to continue my work in shaping and steering the direction of LVUSD during these unprecedented times. I am a great listener, a deep thinker and a level headed voice when representing LVUSD. I will continue to work collaboratively with teachers and all stakeholders to find common ground where we can keep improving the educational opportunities for our students and the work environment for all LVUSD employees. I am listening to the community as our school district reaches out to students of color and their families to begin the dialogue with them on helping to change approaches in education. The board is looking at restorative practices and using them to help develop equity in education.

The three most important current public issues (aside from the coronavirus pandemic) that the Las Virgenes School District currently faces during the next four years are Financial Stability, Racial Equity, and Learning Environment

Improving our Financial Stability and transparency requires LVUSD to look for partnerships with our cities, our foundation, our parents, the community, and grants to fund programs. I will vigilantly continue to advocate on behalf of our students regarding state and federal funding.

Racial Equity needs much more discussion and follow-through as we equip our students to address systemic racism and racial diversity in our culture.

Finally, there’s little doubt that our teachers and staff have been doing heroic work in creating and implementing an unconventional learning environment for these last many months. I want to be a key contributor in discussing how we move into the next several years and maintain learning standards.

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